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    • S00_『月刊むすぶ』目次データ(1970年10月~) 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター; ロシナンテ社 (2023-05-24)
      Index to the journal "Gekkan Chiiki Toso"(presently, "Gekkan Musubu") since the first issue (October 1970).
    • PRISM No.18 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2023-01-15)
      This issue of PRISM is about the online seminar held on July 23, 2022. The seminar focused on various issues surrounding access to personal information contained in the grassroots archives.
    • 立教大学共生社会研究センター公開セミナー記録 「運動当事者とともにベ平連運動をふりかえる ――関谷滋さんに聞く」 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2022-08-03)
      Transcript of the open seminar on ”Beheiren" movement held on March 5, 2022, welcoming Mr. Shigeru Sekiya as a speaker.
    • PRISM No.17 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2022-02-17)
      This issue of PRISM is about the processing of the collection. Staff members and graduate research assistants write about difficulties and fun in working with a whole of documents as archives, and with various kinds of ...
    • PRISM No.16 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2021-10-20)
      The main contents of this issue of PRISM are essays written by publishers of "minicomi" (an abbreviated form of "mini-communication" meaning a particular kind of small-scale publications) with a wide variety of contributing ...
    • 新型コロナウイルスと折り合いをつける ――立教大学共生社会研究センターの2020年度(+α)―― 

      平野, 泉 (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2021-08-24)
      This paper records the activities and experience of the Research Center for Cooperative Civil Societies in the fiscal year 2020, when all the aspects of its activities were affected by the COVID-19.
    • S00_『技術と人間』目次データ(1972年4月~2005年10月) 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター; 株式会社 技術と人間 (2021-03-17)
      雑誌『技術と人間』(株式会社 技術と人間)の目次データ。(2021年3月17日にデータ微修正)
      Index to the journal "Gijutsu to Ningen (Technology and Humans)", published by Kabushikikaisha Gijutsu to Ningen from April 1972 to October 2005.
    • PRISM No.15 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2021-02-24)
      This issue of PRISM includes the news from the Center under COVID-19, and 4 essays written by publishers of unique "minicomi"(an abbreviated form of "mini-communication" meaning a particular kind of small-scale publications) ...
    • S15_正木洋氏旧蔵・伊達火力発電所建設反対運動関連資料リスト 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2020-06-09)
      Finding Aid for the papers related to the residents' movement against the construction of a thermal power plant in Date, Hokkaido, including legal records of related lawsuits, donated by the leader of the movement, Yo Masaki.
    • PRISM No.14 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2020-02-20)
      This issue of PRISM focuses on the activities and documents of the groups working in multicultural communities. Authors include an activist in Kumamoto supporting immigrant women from Asian countries, and a researcher doing ...
    • R03_高畠通敏資料リスト 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2020-01-29)
      Finding aid for personal papers of Michitoshi Takabatake (1933-2004), who was a renowned political scientist and was active in several grassroots movements.
    • S17_熊倉平三郎氏旧蔵・黒井生活を守る会関連資料 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2020-01-29)
      The list of documents donated by Heizaburo Kumakura (1906-1980)who led a residents' movement against the construction of a thermal power plant in Kuroi area, Naoetsu, Niigata prefecture.
    • PRISM No.13 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2019-11-01)
      This issue of PRISM focuses on the grassroots activities for protecting nature and environment. Authors include an activist fighting against the construction of a huge dam on Azumi river and an archivist taking care of ...
    • S14_松井やより氏旧蔵資料(公害・環境・開発関係)リスト 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2019-05-15)
      List of materials collected by the Yayori Matsui (1934-2002) on the issues related to environment, pollution, and development. Reflecting her interests as a journalist, the collection contains documents on a variety of ...
    • R12_神奈川県葉山町真名瀬海岸埋立反対運動関連資料リスト 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2019-04-05)
      List of documents related to the movement began in 1961 against the landfill of Shinnaze beach in Hayama Town, Kanagawa Prefecture. The landfill was planned for a housing development project by a private company, and ...
    • R08_新田勲氏旧蔵障害者運動関連資料リスト 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2019-04-05)
      File-level list of papers created and accumulated by Isao Nitta (1940-2013), one of the leaders of the post-war disability rights movement. After leaving a residential institution in 1973, Nitta paved a way for the disabled ...
    • S07_宇井純公害問題資料コレクション_件名(主題別)ファイルリスト 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2019-04-05)
      List of subject files contained in the personal papers of Jun Ui.
    • PRISM No.12 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2019-02-01)
      This issue of PRISM focuses on the educational use of the Center's collection. Educators report from their class on the use of documents in various settings such as active learning on citizenship, seminar-style course ...
    • 公開講演会 「青空のもとで生きる権利―千葉川鉄公害訴訟一審判決から30年」 講演・質疑の記録 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2019-01-31)
      This document is an edited transcript of the open lecture titled "People's right to live under the blue sky- 30 years after the landmark decision on Chiba Kawatetsu Pollution case" (held on July 14, 2018), co-organized by ...
    • PRISM No.11 

      立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2018-06-01)
      This issue of PRISM contains articles on records of pollution-related lawsuits in Japan.