Research Center for Cooperative Civil Societies at Rikkyo University(RCCCS) has a huge collection of archives of grassroots movements mainly since the 1960s. Through DSpace, we provide access to our publications and some of our archival holdings.
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  • S00_『月刊むすぶ』目次データ(1970年10月~) 

    立教大学共生社会研究センター; ロシナンテ社 (2020-03-02)
    Index to the journal "Gekkan Chiiki Toso"(presently, "Gekkan Musubu") since the first issue (October 1970).
  • PRISM No.15 

    立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2021-02-24)
    This issue of PRISM includes the news from the Center under COVID-19, and 4 essays written by publishers of unique "minicomi"(an abbreviated form of "mini-communication" meaning a particular kind of small-scale publications) ...
  • S15_正木洋氏旧蔵・伊達火力発電所建設反対運動関連資料リスト 

    立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2020-06-09)
    Finding Aid for the papers related to the residents' movement against the construction of a thermal power plant in Date, Hokkaido, including legal records of related lawsuits, donated by the leader of the movement, Yo Masaki.
  • PRISM No.14 

    立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2020-02-20)
    This issue of PRISM focuses on the activities and documents of the groups working in multicultural communities. Authors include an activist in Kumamoto supporting immigrant women from Asian countries, and a researcher doing ...
  • R03_高畠通敏資料リスト 

    立教大学共生社会研究センター (立教大学共生社会研究センター, 2020-01-29)
    Finding aid for personal papers of Michitoshi Takabatake (1933-2004), who was a renowned political scientist and was active in several grassroots movements.

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