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      S00_Index for "Gekkan Musubu", journal on social movements, published by Rocinante-sha (1970/10- ) [1]
      S00_Index for "Gijutsu to Ningen"(1972/04-2005/10) [1]
      S00_Index for "Minicomi Jihyo", reviews on the alternative press published on "Gijutsu to Ningen" [1]
      S00_「ミニコミ時評」(『技術と人間』連載)記事リスト [1]
      S00_『技術と人間』目次データ(1972年4月~2005年10月) [1]
      S00_『月刊むすぶ』目次データ(1970年10月~) [1]
      S01_Finding Aid for Yuichi Yoshikawa Collection on "Japan Peace for Vietnam! Committee" [1]
      S01_吉川勇一氏旧蔵「べ平連」関連資料リスト [1]
      S03_Finding Aid for Yoichi Endo Collection on "Japan Peace for Vietnam! Committee" [1]
      S03_遠藤洋一氏旧蔵「ベ平連」関連資料目録 [1]
      S07_Jun Ui collection on environmental pollution_list of subject files [1]
      S07_List of flyers distributed in Tokyo University's Hongo Campus from Jun Ui Collection [1]
      S07_宇井純公害問題資料コレクション_件名(主題別)ファイルリスト [1]
      S07_宇井純東大ビラスクラップ_資料リスト [1]
      S14_Finding aid for Matsui Yayori Collection on environmental and developmental issues [1]
      S14_松井やより氏旧蔵資料(公害・環境・開発関係)リスト [1]
      S15_Finding aid for Yo Masaki papers related to the residents' movement against Date Thermal Power Plant [1]
      S15_正木洋氏旧蔵・伊達火力発電所建設反対運動関連資料リスト [1]
      S17_Finding aid for Heizaburo Kumakura papers related to Kuroi Seikatsu wo mamoru kai [1]
      S17_熊倉平三郎氏旧蔵・黒井生活を守る会関連資料 [1]